TreMonte Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

Our latest project (8/1/2014) The brand new kitchen at TreMonte - guided by Dan Oboyle.

Part 3: East Boston YMCA

The third part of our project; we're finished with the custom commercial kitchen ventilation project. Check out the testimonial at the end of the video!

Exhaust System Installation

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems are made up of 5 key components:

  1. Hood
  2. Duct (Carbide Steel and Make-Up air)
  3. Exhaust fan
  4. Make-up Air unit (Heated & Un-Heated)
  5. Fire Suppression System (UL300)

CS Ventilation is unique among competitors because we install Captive Aire equipment. See

All systems are air balanced to eliminate the vacuum effect when a system has not been accurately engineered. Once we install a system, we stand behind our work with our clients. CS Ventilation will design a maintenance schedule (Hood Cleaning & Fire Inspections) which will fit your needs.